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Treat yourself the natural way!

We at Dr. Sharda Ayurveda believe in treating the disease by inculcating the
knowledge of ancient science combined with modern treatment methods.

What makes Dr. Sharda's Ayurvedic
Treatment Different From Others?

The Ayurvedic doctor's team holds uncountable experience and are specialized in treating chronic diseases

naturally by deep analysing the root cause. Their aim is to assure improved health and lifelong results.


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How Ayurvedic Online Consultation Works

Book Appointment

Consultation Physical mode Or Audio mode is your Choice! You may fill out the form on our website or make a call directly at our clinic.

Contact Now

The team will contact and fix a consultation with ayurvedic doctors according to your convenience. It is your choice of physical visit or online consultation

Doctor Consultation

As per the arranged schedule, you may speak to our doctor online and share your health concerns. After listening to you and getting to know your past & present history medicines will be prescribed accordingly.

Medicine Delivery

For patient convenience, our delivery partners are engaged in providing express doorstep medicines shipment after Ayurvedic doctor online consultation.

What do we aim to offer?

Physical Consultation

You can directly visit the hospital and get answers to all your health concerns.

Video Consultation

Book an ayurvedic doctor consultation and share issues regarding health with our patient advisor.

Telephonic Consultation

Book an appointment online and patient support team will arrange your call with Ayurvedic doctors.

Doorstep Delivery

For providing extra convenience, the medicines are well-packed and safely delivered to you.

Providing Ayurvedic Treatment &
Consultation Globally

FAQs of Ayurvedic Online Consultation

1. What do you charge for an online ayurvedic doctor consultation?

The charges for the consultation vary with the location.

  • For Indian residents, the charges are 250/-.
  • For foreign residing patients, the charges are 2000/-.
2. How can one make the payment? Is the payment secured?

You can make the payment through:

  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • UPI
  • Online bank transfer

Yes, the payment is safe.

3. After consultation, what is the expected time for the medicines to be delivered?

The delivery time differentiates as per the location.

  • For PAN India, the estimated time of delivery is 3-7 days.
  • For overseas residents, the medicines will be delivered within 2 weeks.
4. Can I share my previous reports while consulting with the Ayurvedic doctor?

Yes, you can share your reports and medical history of your health concern. Accordingly, the medications along with specialized diet charts and lifestyle changes are recommended to the patients.

5. How does the online ayurvedic doctor consultation works?

For physical consultation

  • Visit the hospital
  • Pay the consultation charges
  • Consultation with the experts
  • Medicines for Recovery.

For online consultation

  • Contact patient advisor
  • Pay the consultation charges
  • Consult the experts (for Indian patients, the consultation is done between 1-2 days but for foreign patients, it takes around 1 week)
  • Then the medicines will be accordingly delivered at your door step.
6. After consultation, for what time the patient can further ask their query from the doctor?

After consultation, the patients can ask the further query from the doctors within the time frame of 7 days. But the patient's advisors are always active to resolve your issues.

7. Can allopathic medicines be taken along with Ayurvedic medicines?

Yes, you can take allopathic medicine along with Ayurvedic medicine only if our doctors advice you.

8. Will the Ayurvedic doctor guide well in the online consultation?

Yes, all your health concern will be answered by the experienced and qualified team of professionals who are specialized in various fields to provide you with effective treatment and guidelines associated with diet and lifestyle changes for better recovery.

9. What can I expect from an online Ayurvedic doctor consultation?

The Ayurvedic practitioner will offer:

  • Patient history analysis
  • Report study (if applicable)
  • Prescribe medications
  • Details about diet and lifestyle changes.
10. Do I need to have a vegetarian diet, if consuming Ayurvedic medicines, for better results?

No, it is not necessarily important to be vegetarian along with consuming herbal medicines. But in some cases, the patients are suggested to remain strict with the plant-based diet to get early and long-term results.