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Fibromyalgia Ayurvedic Treatment

Fibromyalgia has become a trending disorder now. It is a condition in which a patient complains of soft tissue pain, widespread musculoskeletal pain, stiffness, followed by fatigue, memory loss, and mood swings quite often. There are widely disturbed bilateral symmetrical tender joints. Middle-aged women or above 50 years and above are more prone to develop fibromyalgia. Sleep disorder has been implicated as a factor in pathogenesis. Nonrestorative sleep or awakening non fresh has been observed in most patients of fibromyalgia and sleep encephalograms show disruption of the normal stage. It is also associated with tension, headache, IBS, anxiety, and depression. There is no blood investigation to detect fibromyalgia. Physical examination is required for tenderness especially at the back of the neck.

18 tender points are examined. 11 out of 18 if seen tender patient is diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia treatment in Ayurveda has the most effective sure results.

Causes of Fibromyalgia

  • Microcrystal Deposits-Abnormal increase in the level of chemicals in the brain which leads to nerve stimulation and development of memory of pain in the brain.
  • Genetics-This disease tends to run in families.
  • Infections-Some illness trigger and aggravates fibromyalgia, presence of RA or SLE an autoimmune disease also cause pain in the body.
  • Trauma-Psychological stress may lead to fibromyalgia. Sometimes some accidental history can also trigger this pain.
  • Disturbed Digestion-Poor nourishment and disturbed digestion is also the cause of fibromyalgia.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

  • Widespread Pain-Dull constant ache that can even last for 3 months radiating to lower back towards the toe.
  • Lost Concentration-Difficulties with memory and concentration fibro fog i.e. inability to focus, pay attention, concentrate on mental tasks.
  • Tiredness-Fatigue, restlessness, mood swings are the most common symptoms.
  • Emotional And Physical Stress-An Individual stays often under stress.
  • Irregular Sleep Patterns-It gets hard for a patient to have a sound sleep at proper timings. They get disturbed sleep often.

Ayurvedic management of Fibromyalgia

  • Fibromyalgia syndrome is compared to Vata Vyadi in Ayurveda.
  •  Vitation of Mamravaha, Asthivaha, Majjavaha Strotas occurs in this disease
  •  In Ayurveda treatment of fibromyalgia, the focus is on both Vata Samshamana i.e. rebalance, and Samshodhana ie purification which becomes deranged due to the accumulation of Ama
  •  Treatment includes Panchkarma, herbal steam therapy, internal medicines, strict diet, and lifestyle modifications, and stress management. Yoga and Meditation are advised to follow up daily
  •  Warm Cardamom milk is advised to drink for better recovery

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Mrs. Seema

I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) from the past 10 years. I took western medicines for more than 8 years but got no relief. Then I got to know about Dr. Sharda Ayurveda and visited their Ludhiana clinic. They got my various blood investigation done and my RA was positive. In July 2019 I started their course of treatment.

Manjindar Kaur

Myself Manjindar Kaur from Rupnagar. I was suffering from Asthma. I was totally dependent on inhalers and had breathing issues in winters. But after treatment from Dr. Sharda Ayurveda Ludhiana from Dr. Mukesh Sharda, I was fully satisfied with their treatment. Within 7 months of treatment.

Raj Kumar

I was suffering from Knee Pain for many years. I took treatment from various hospitals but of no use. Then somebody advised me to take treatment from Dr. Sharda Ayurveda clinic and after taking treatment from there I was almost free from knee pain within 6 months. I have stop my medicines and feeling no pain.

Arminder Kaur Gill

I Arminder Kaur Gill for the last 5-6 years was suffering from diabetes, weather allergy, and unexplained weight gain. Even after consulting various renowned Ayurvedic Doctors in Toronto. My health condition was progressively declining and imagining a day without taking medicines and inhalers was impossible.


What are the foods to be avoided in fibromyalgia?

White flour, pasta, rice, dairy, gluten, sugar, Processed foods, gluten, alcohol, red meat, caffeine, refined carbohydrates are the food items that one should avoid eating in fibromyalgia.

How can one get to know that it is fibromyalgia?

If you feel severe pain in the body, stiffness, tingling sensation, cramp, numbness in arm, feverish feeling then fine the fibromyalgia specialist near you and consult an Ayurvedic expert.

How does a person get fibromyalgia?

It is triggered by physical and emotional stress, injury, or some viral infections.

What other diseases can be mistaken for fibromyalgia?

Lypus, RA, Diabetes, Thyroid, Axial spondyloarthritis, Anemia

How does fibromyalgia skin rashes look like?

Rashes are red, raised, or bumpy, it may cause a crawling sensation on the skin

What are the worst symptoms of fibromyalgia?

Fatigue is the worst symptom, fibrofog i.e. difficulty to think is also considered as a significant symptom.

Is fibromyalgia a mental illness?

It is not considered a mental illness but with body pains all over the body, the patient experiences depression or anxiety.

How drinking water helps in treating fibromyalgia patients?

Hydration is the very first thing one should opt to decrease fibromyalgia fatigue.

What is the most effective treatment for fibromyalgia?

Ayurvedic treatment for fibromyalgia is best as it works on healing both physical, mental issues of the body by changing diet, lifestyle modifications. Fibromyalgia cure in Ayurveda has the most effective sure results.

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