Kidney Failure

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What is Kidney Failure?

Kidney diseases are becoming the 9th leading cause of death. It is also termed a silent killer disease. Every year about more than 2 lakhs of people is diagnosed with renal disease in a year in India. Renal failure or kidney failure means when kidneys no longer work properly as they did in a healthier state earlier. Renal failure can be temporary or permanent or can be acute or chronic. When the kidney function hinders suddenly it is called temporary or acute renal failure. When kidney functioning gets worse slowly, it is chronic renal failure. Kidney failure occurs when kidneys lose the ability to sufficiently filter waste material from blood and balance fluid. Kidneys are bean-shaped organs that remove waste products and extra water from the body and help in the production of red blood cells and controlling blood pressure.

The kidney is also responsible for the erythropoietin hormone and synthesis of Vitamin D. Two major causes like Diabetes and high blood pressure lead to failure of kidney function. Kidney Failure is the last end stage of chronic kidney disease. Kidney failure means kidneys have stopped functioning and require treatment for normal functioning.

Causes of Kidney Failure

  • Glomerular Diseases-Where glomerulus cells of the kidney where filtration occurs, when these cells get damaged due to some reasons, it leads to chronic renal failure.
  • Diabetes-Diabetes when remaining uncontrolled with medication leads to proteinuria i.e. albumin loss from urine which further harms kidney nephrons and causes renal failure.
  • High blood Pressure-High Blood pressure causes direct damage to nephrons and hence excretion functions get affected.
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease-It is a disorder with which one is born with i.e.- genetic disease.
  • Loss of Blood Flow to the Kidneys-If there is a sudden loss of blood flow to the kidney, it can lead to kidney failure that can be due to a heart attack, some allergic reaction, or can be due to dehydration too.

Symptoms of Kidney Failure

  • Itching-Itching over the body without any rashes, or simply patient face dry itching.
  • Nausea and Vomiting-Due to an increase in urea in blood, a patient feels heaviness in the epigastric region and has no feeling of hunger.
  • Excessive urine or not enough urine-As kidney functions are altered there is a change in urine output which signifies the stage of glomerular filtrate in the body.
  • Muscle Cramps-Muscle cramps usually at night in lower limbs, which are sometimes extremely painful and hard to bear for a patient.
  • Breathlessness-Sometimes due to decreased urine output patients develop pleural effusion or low hemoglobin levels due to the non-production of red blood cells in the body.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Failure

  •  Some of the Ayurvedic herbs and spices which have been beneficial in saving the kidney from failure are Varuna, Gokhru, Ginger, Triphala, and Turmeric. With their natural properties, they do not give any side effects.
  •  The dietary changes which aid the functioning of the kidney include intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, loads of water, and coconut water.
  •  The vegetarian diet must be preferred as the animal-based diet will worsen the already existing conditions.
  •  As the way of living impacts the lifestyle, it needs to be modified too. An active lifestyle must be followed.
  •  Lastly, to curb the stress, Meditation and Yoga should be practiced.

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Manjindar Kaur

Myself Manjindar Kaur from Rupnagar. I was suffering from Asthma. I was totally dependent on inhalers and had breathing issues in winters. But after treatment from Dr. Sharda Ayurveda Ludhiana from Dr. Mukesh Sharda, I was fully satisfied with their treatment. Within 7 months of treatment.

Raj Kumar

I was suffering from Knee Pain for many years. I took treatment from various hospitals but of no use. Then somebody advised me to take treatment from Dr. Sharda Ayurveda clinic and after taking treatment from there I was almost free from knee pain within 6 months. I have stop my medicines and feeling no pain.

Arminder Kaur Gill

I Arminder Kaur Gill for the last 5-6 years was suffering from diabetes, weather allergy, and unexplained weight gain. Even after consulting various renowned Ayurvedic Doctors in Toronto. My health condition was progressively declining and imagining a day without taking medicines and inhalers was impossible.


What causes kidney failure?

Kidney failure can be caused due to some injury or serious diseases like diabetes and hypertension causes kidney failure.

Is drinking water good for kidneys?

Yes, drinking water is good for kidneys until the patient has low output then this water can get accumulated in the body causing more symptomatic changes.

Do alcohol consumption harm kidneys?

Alcohol will surely hamper the functioning of kidneys as it affects the ability to regulate fluid and electrolytes in the body.

Which color of urine signifies when kidneys are failing?

Dark-colored urine results in kidney failure due to an increase in concentration and accumulation of substances in the urine. This color is due to abnormal protein, sugar, red blood cells in urine.

Can kidney failure be reversed?

Yes, it can be reversed at a specified stage by following Ayurvedic principles, Ayurvedic treatment, diet, and all the other essentials required for a speedy recovery.

Why do I pass urine right after I drink water?

It might be due to the fullness of the bladder which sends signals to the brain for evacuation as soon as the pressure of urine load increases.

What are the early signs of kidney diseases?

Some of the early signs and symptoms of acute kidney failure include-

  • Decrease in urine output, although sometimes urine output remains normal
  • Fluid retention
  • Swelling in legs, ankles, or feet
  • Shortness of breath
How can I keep my kidneys working as long as possible?

What’s better than the functioning of a kidney in a healthy way by managing our dietary changes and exercising regularly. If there is some issue caused then there are several treatments including medications and lifestyle changes, that help kidneys work longer healthy.

How can I repair my kidneys naturally?

For healthy functioning of kidneys-

  • Eat healthily- A balanced diet ensures your body inserts all the vitamins and minerals required
  • Keep an eye on your blood pressure. Get your blood pressure checked regularly.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol.
Is Ayurvedic medicine safe for kidney patients?

Yes, kidney treatment in Ayurveda is quite effective and safe for kidney patients. Ayurvedic treatment helps to treat a patient without any dialysis or transplant doness.

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