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Osteoporosis Ayurvedic Treatment

The term Osteo means Bone and porosis means porous or thinning, therefore osteoporosis is defined as thinning of the bone (bone density) due to reduction in the bone mass ( all components of bone, not only calcium). It is a condition defined as when the bones become weak and brittle and thus leads to fracture even on a sudden fall or mild stress on the bone. Bone is made up of living tissue that gets broken and replaced constantly and it is a condition where new bone tissues are not formed. All the bones have some small spaces and when osteoporosis occurs, therefore, it increases the size of these spaces i.e. more of a gap thus causes the bone to lose its strength and density. It can occur at any age but mostly in older adults. Women are 4 times more prone to osteoporosis, especially after menopause.

Osteoporosis mainly affects the hips, ribs, wrist, and spine. There are several modern medicines that cause side effects to the bone which leads to osteoporosis. Bones are made up of protein collagen band calcium when bone mass decreases after the age of 35 calcium started decreasing hence no new bone mass is formed leads to the spongy bone. Ayurvedic medicines, a healthy nutrient-rich diet, and weight-bearing exercises prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctor can help prevent bone loss and strengthen weak bones. Ayurveda for Osteoarthritis treatment has the most effective and life-long results.

Causes of Osteoporosis

  • Less Calcium Intake-Low calcium intake leads to diminished bone density, hence more risk of fracture.
  • Auto-Immune Disease-Patient having a history of rheumatoid arthritis is more at risk of osteoporosis.
  • Age-Loss of bone mass with age. Due to aging bones start getting breakdown and are more fragile thus are more prone to breakage.
  • Sedentary Lifestyle and Obesity-When the body gets no physical workout it starts degenerating itself and more prone to diseases.
  • Thin and Small Body Frame-Men and women who have small body frames are at a higher risk because they might have less bone mass to draw from as they age.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

  • Weak Nails-People suffering from osteoporosis have weak and brittle nails.
  • Weak and Thin Bones-People suffering from osteoporosis lose their grip strength due to weak and thin bone.
  • Stooped Posture-Stopped posture or bending forward is also due to weak and thin bones.
  • Bone Fracture-Bone that breaks much more early than expected.
  • Shortness of Breath-Shortness of breath due to decreased lung capacity

Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment for Osteoporosis

  •  In Ayurveda 5th Dhatu is bone ie Asthi. It is said that bones are formed from Medha Dhatu thought Asthivaha channels, vayu, agni, and prithavi mahabutas. If digestive fire is affected it leads to a lack of nutrition to bones causing osteoporosis or Asthikshaya.
  •  Treatments like Abhyanga, Vasti karma are highly recommended to maintain bone health.
  •  Improper dietary and lifestyle habits cause vitiation of Vata and production of Ama in the body. This leads to pain in the bones.
  •  Hence while treatment in Ayurveda Agnimandya is treated which treats calcium metabolism i.e. regulates digestion and absorption of calcium and phosphate
  •  Osteoporosis treatment in Ayurveda is prescribed followed by rejuvenation external therapies which help in increasing the blood circulation, nourishes the muscles.

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Mrs. Seema

I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) from the past 10 years. I took western medicines for more than 8 years but got no relief. Then I got to know about Dr. Sharda Ayurveda and visited their Ludhiana clinic. They got my various blood investigation done and my RA was positive. In July 2019 I started their course of treatment.

Manjindar Kaur

Myself Manjindar Kaur from Rupnagar. I was suffering from Asthma. I was totally dependent on inhalers and had breathing issues in winters. But after treatment from Dr. Sharda Ayurveda Ludhiana from Dr. Mukesh Sharda, I was fully satisfied with their treatment. Within 7 months of treatment.

Raj Kumar

I was suffering from Knee Pain for many years. I took treatment from various hospitals but of no use. Then somebody advised me to take treatment from Dr. Sharda Ayurveda clinic and after taking treatment from there I was almost free from knee pain within 6 months. I have stop my medicines and feeling no pain.

Arminder Kaur Gill

I Arminder Kaur Gill for the last 5-6 years was suffering from diabetes, weather allergy, and unexplained weight gain. Even after consulting various renowned Ayurvedic Doctors in Toronto. My health condition was progressively declining and imagining a day without taking medicines and inhalers was impossible.

Healing Stories of Osteoporosis Patients, got Ayurvedic Treatment done at Dr. Sharda Ayurveda


How can one get to know that they have osteoporosis?

If one feels tired all the time and gets injured very easily on bone and also some important blood Investigations are usually performed to diagnose osteoporosis that as bone densitometry,dual-energy and x-ray.

What is the prevention for osteoporosis?

A high calcium-rich diet along with Vitamin- D supplements, lifestyle modifications should be done. Avoid prolonged sitting and standing and stop smoking and alcohol

What lifestyle changes should be done to avoid osteoporosis?

Follow a systematic daily way of living, avoid excess mental and physical stress. Do not suppress the natural urge. Indulge in light walking and swimming

What is the main cause of osteoporosis in women?

It is caused mainly due to decrease in estrogen levels which help to build and maintain bony structure, hence after menopause osteoporosis occurs

Is osteoporosis a serious disease?

Yes, it is a serious disease as it leads to a decrease in height, also affects or limits the mobility of bones due to pain in bones. Opt forOsteoporosisAyurvedic treatmentin India, and see the change within your health and get those strong bones back.

What are the different stages of Osteoporosis?
  • 1st stage when new bone remodeling >rate of breakdown
  • 2nd stage is when the rate of bone breakdown outweighs the rate of bone deposition
  • 3rd stage is when the breakdown of bone faster due to estrogen hormone depletion
  • 4th stage is when significant bone loss is visible
Is sitting for longer hours bad for osteoporosis?

Sitting causes pressure into the front of the spine, which increases the risk of compression fracture. If it occurs it can also trigger acascade of fractures

Is osteoporosis normal with aging?

Yes, osteoporosis is a part of aging in old age bone loses mass and people may experience painful broken bones

Which joints are more likely to be affected by osteoporosis?

The hip joint, wrist joint, and spine are affected in osteoporosis when the spine is affected then the patient's posture is called stopped posture

Is walking beneficial for osteoporosis?

Walking little a day can help in building bone health, so it is advised to the patient to go for a walk for 30 minutes daily.

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