Sinusitis Treatment in Ayurveda (Pinas)

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What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is known as Pinas in Ayurveda. Sinuses are the hollow cavities that are present in the region of the skull. In this condition, the sinuses become inflamed and are blocked with mucus which causes congestion in the nasal passage. Sinusitis treatment in Ayurveda has a holistic approach to healing. As per Ayurveda, Kapha (water) is accumulated in the sinuses and blocks the flow of Vata (air). When the Pitta (fire) is imbalanced it results in swelling of the tissues around the sinuses. Other factors which contribute are suppressing natural urges, and intake of excess oily, or processed foods. Ayurvedic treatment for sinus infection aims to remove the root cause of the disorder and provides long-term relief.

Types of Sinusitis Treatment in Ayurveda (Pinas)

Acute sinusitis

Acute sinusitis lasts up to around 4 weeks or less and develops rapidly. The main cause can be viral infections or seasonal allergies.

Subacute sinusitis

Subacute sinusitis is a transition phase from acute to chronic sinusitis. The duration can be in between 4 - 8 weeks. Seasonal allergies or bacterial infections can result in this type.

Chronic sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis lasts for more than 12 weeks. This can be due to persistent allergies, bacterial infections, or deformation of the structure of the nasal region. Three months is a long time, so Ayurveda is recommended for chronic sinusitis treatment.

Recurrent sinusitis

In recurrent sinusitis, at least four episodes of sinusitis occur in one year and each episode must last for at least 7 days.

Causes of Sinusitis

  • Immunity-Immunity plays a major role as a weak immune system can result in catching colds, and flu easily. Hence, resulting in sinus blockage.
  • Respiratory Tract Infection-Infections present in the respiratory tract can also flare up sinusitis. Asthma often acts as a trigger for sinusitis.
  • Seasons Allergies-People are often affected by seasonal changes. The cold can lead to sinus congestion, which can linger in the sinuses. As a result, bacterial infections develop.
  • Nasal Polyps-The extra tissue growth in the nasal region can block the sinuses which can result in sinusitis.
  • Deviated Septum-The structural deformation of the septum can impair the drainage of the sinuses. Deviated septum or crooked septum leads to blockage of the sinuses.
  • Exposure to smoking-Smoking or exposure to cigarette smoke blocks sinus cavities.

Sinusitis Symptoms

  • Runny nose with thick, discolored discharge.
  • Blocked nose causing difficulty in breathing.
  • Reduced sense of taste and smell.
  • Postnasal drip is the drainage of mucus down the throat.
  • Inflammation around eyes, nose, and forehead.
  • Feeling facial pressure and pain in the facial region.
  • Episodes of headache.
  • Halitosis, i.e., bad breath or taste in the mouth
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Sore throat

Sinusitis Treatment in Ayurveda

 Panchakarma Therapy is considered the best sinus ayurvedic treatment as ancient practices are involved which provide immense relief to patients suffering from sinusitis. Ayurvedic herbs derived from nature act in favor of the body and give no side effects as they are plant-based.

  •  Adopting a Satvic diet which includes fresh fruits, vegetables, and raw food instead of nonvegetarian and processed food does wonders for the digestive system.
  •  An active lifestyle that includes walking, jogging, and other physical activities helps to increase the oxygen level in the body which improves the functions of the respiratory system.
  •  Yoga asanas rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. Additionally, physical and mental stress is released which results in a soothing effect.
  •  Meditation is encouraged to boost the activity of the brain. At the same time, stress is relieved from the nerve channels of the body.

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Mrs. Seema

I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) from the past 10 years. I took western medicines for more than 8 years but got no relief. Then I got to know about Dr. Sharda Ayurveda and visited their Ludhiana clinic. They got my various blood investigation done and my RA was positive. In July 2019 I started their course of treatment.

Manjindar Kaur

Myself Manjindar Kaur from Rupnagar. I was suffering from Asthma. I was totally dependent on inhalers and had breathing issues in winters. But after treatment from Dr. Sharda Ayurveda Ludhiana from Dr. Mukesh Sharda, I was fully satisfied with their treatment. Within 7 months of treatment.

Raj Kumar

I was suffering from Knee Pain for many years. I took treatment from various hospitals but of no use. Then somebody advised me to take treatment from Dr. Sharda Ayurveda clinic and after taking treatment from there I was almost free from knee pain within 6 months. I have stop my medicines and feeling no pain.

Arminder Kaur Gill

I Arminder Kaur Gill for the last 5-6 years was suffering from diabetes, weather allergy, and unexplained weight gain. Even after consulting various renowned Ayurvedic Doctors in Toronto. My health condition was progressively declining and imagining a day without taking medicines and inhalers was impossible.


What triggers sinusitis?

The presence of causative factors like viruses, bacteria, chemical irritants, or pollution, can trigger conditions. A history of seasonal allergies, pollen, pet dander, nasal polyps, and deviated nasal septum also leads to sinusitis.

How is turmeric useful for the sinuses?

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that help in decreasing the inflammation which is responsible for the narrowing of the nasal passage.

1 tsp. of turmeric can be added to the milk and consumed for getting rid of the symptoms.

Does chronic sinusitis last a lifetime?

Chronic sinusitis lasts for more than 3 months and the patients might experience flare-ups from time to time. However, it is not incurable and Ayurveda knows the secrets of healing to manage this disease.

How long does it take for a sinus infection to clear on its own?

Usually, the viral infection goes away on its own within 10-14 days if the proper sinusitis Ayurvedic medicines are consumed.

What treatment is usually recommended to treat sinusitis?

Ayurvedic Treatment for sinusitis is the best way to heal sinusitis. As in Ayurvedic treatment, surgery is never recommended. Nose drops or oral medicines are recommended to help reduce congestion and other discomforting signs.

What happens if the sinus is left untreated?

Sinusitis if left untreated causes unnecessary pain and discomfort. A patient usually complains of a runny nose after every alternate day. Bacterial and viral infections when persisting for long can result in congestion. In severe cases, it may lead to meningitis.

What are the foods to be avoided in Sinus?

Food like dairy products, processed sugar, refined carbohydrates, and cold/stale food have the chance of increasing sinusitis symptoms.

What is the fastest way to cure sinusitis?

An effective way to heal from the symptoms of sinusitis is to take steam. Add tulsi leaves to the boiling water. Steam will clear the blockage and help in draining the excess mucus.

How do I permanently stop sinusitis?

Ayurvedic treatment for sinus infection removes the root cause of the disease by natural means. It gives permanent relief and gives no side effects.

Which part of the body is affected by sinusitis?

Sinuses are hollow cavities present around the cheekbones, forehead, in between the eyes, and behind the nose.

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