What is Cystitis (UTI)?

As per the Ayurvedic text Cystitis is called “Mutrakrichcha”. The type of urinary tract infection which mainly occurs due to the imbalance of Vata and Pitta doshas. Cystitis refers to infections of the lower urinary tract, more specifically the urinary bladder. The disease occurs when a bacteria which was earlier living on the skin and bowel harmlessly instantly enters the urethra and bladder. As soon as it enters it proliferate and fastens to the lining of the bladder. As a result, causes extreme itchiness and inflammation. It is commonly prevalent in females compare to males reason being females have a shorter urethra that is closer to the anus thus allowing bacteria to intrude more easily. Treatment of UTI through the right approach and treatment can help prevent and control the infection to flare-up.

Why is Ayurvedic Treatment for Cystitis is consider the most effective medical approach for best results? Because Ayurveda applies a holistic approach that mainly aims in treating and restoring health by understanding the root cause of the diseases. Managing and treating urinary tract infections involves detoxification (flushing out of infection), and clearing blockages of the urinary tract through the incorporation of herbal medications along with expert suggested dietary and lifestyle changes for efficient and long-term recovery. For best and most effective results choose Ayurvedic Treatment for Interstitial Cystitis from Dr. Sharda Ayurveda which is proven to provide long-term relief from discomforting symptoms.

Causes of Cystitis

  • Bacterial Infection- The invasion and proliferation of bacteria on the lining of the bladder is the main reason for cystitis.
  • Menopause- The epithelium lining of the bladder gets affected when women attain menopause. The lower part of the urinary tract is sensitive to estrogen i.e., a decline in the levels of this hormone favors the growth of “bad” bacteria thus increasing the chances of cystitis to occur.
  • Constipation- The discomforting bowel movement can increase the chances of bladder infection in two ways i.e., sticking of stool in the rectum and urine retention which altogether leads to bladder infection.
  • Weak Immune System- The weak and ill-functioned immune system may account for bladder infection. The immune system's overactive response to urinary tract infection may increase the risk to develop cystitis.
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions- Diabetes and kidney stones can cause the development of described disease.

Diabetes: Higher sugar levels in the blood and urine can favor the growth of bacterial infection.

Kidney stones: The kidney stones are passed out from the bladder and if a person experiences pain and burning sensation while urinating it is direct indication of bladder infection.

Symptoms of Cystitis

  • Frequent Urge to Urinate- If suffering from a urinary tract infection the person may experience pressure on the bladder and an urge to urinate more frequently.
  • Cloudy Urine- Cloudy urine is characterized by milky color urine instead of clear or transparent. It is generally harmless, but if it appears more repetitively then indicates a sign of urinary tract infection.
  • Abdominal Pain- A person suffering from bladder infection may experience pain in the lower abdomen and a burning sensation while urinating.
  • Blood in Urine- When an extreme amount of pressure is felt on the bladder. The walls of the bladder become irritated and inflamed. This leads to bleeding while passing urine.
  • Smelly Urine- Bacterial infection in the bladder can result in a strong fish-like smell in the urine.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cystitis

  • Panchakarma therapy is the principal procedure of Ayurvedic treatment which helps in detoxification and cleansing of the body system. The procedures followed for treatment of UTI are:
  • Snehapana: Oral administration of medicated ghee.
  • Abhyanga: Whole body oil massage which helps refresh both physical and mental health. It additionally improves circulation and unblocks channels.
  • Swedana: The medicated steam bath that restores metabolism by flushing out accumulated body toxins.

  •  Performing yoga asanas daily can help strengthen the pelvic region and urinary system which altogether effectively treat and manage the symptoms of cystitis. Some best yoga poses recommended are Gomukhasana and Ardha Matsyendrasana.
  •  Ayurvedic Treatment for Cystitis along with herbal medications which also involves certain dietary and lifestyle changes that aid in effective recovery from the disease symptoms.
  •  The best home remedy which gives positive results is to drink daily coriander juice which helps nourish and heal the urinary tract by flushing out all the toxins.
  •  Having more fibers in the diet promotes a healthy bladder. Some of the tastiest choices include legumes, broccoli, banana, and strawberries.

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Mrs. Seema

I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) from the past 10 years. I took western medicines for more than 8 years but got no relief. Then I got to know about Dr. Sharda Ayurveda and visited their Ludhiana clinic. They got my various blood investigation done and my RA was positive. In July 2019 I started their course of treatment.

Manjindar Kaur

Myself Manjindar Kaur from Rupnagar. I was suffering from Asthma. I was totally dependent on inhalers and had breathing issues in winters. But after treatment from Dr. Sharda Ayurveda Ludhiana from Dr. Mukesh Sharda, I was fully satisfied with their treatment. Within 7 months of treatment.

Raj Kumar

I was suffering from Knee Pain for many years. I took treatment from various hospitals but of no use. Then somebody advised me to take treatment from Dr. Sharda Ayurveda clinic and after taking treatment from there I was almost free from knee pain within 6 months. I have stop my medicines and feeling no pain.

Arminder Kaur Gill

I Arminder Kaur Gill for the last 5-6 years was suffering from diabetes, weather allergy, and unexplained weight gain. Even after consulting various renowned Ayurvedic Doctors in Toronto. My health condition was progressively declining and imagining a day without taking medicines and inhalers was impossible.


Which bacteria most commonly triggers bladder infection?

The bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli) mainly trigger urinary tract infection. But, there are certain other bacteria also which can cause urinary tract infections.

Can stress cause bladder infection?

Disturbed mental health can greatly impact overall health. The bladder infection can get triggered and flared up if the mental and physical stability is not maintained well.

Which treatment is best to treat urinary tract infection?

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cystitis is the best and most effective treatment for long-term and positive results. The urinary tract infection are the outcomes of the imbalanced Vata and Pitta Doshas. Ayurveda focuses on balancing these aggravated body energies through herbal medications and by adopting certain diet and lifestyle changes. It helps to flush out infections from the body and cleaning of urinary tract blockages.

What are the best tips suggested by Ayurveda to prevent urinary tract infection?

Some of the best Ayurvedic tips are:

  • Avoid food items that are cold and hard to digest.
  • Heat compression on the lower abdomen with a towel helps provide relief from pain.
  • Drink plenty of water that helps detox the body
What are the best tips suggested by Ayurveda to prevent urinary tract infection?

There are several serious health complications associated with cystitis including hematuria, acute renal failure, bladder rupture, and pyelonephritis.

Which hospital or clinic provides effective treatment for cystitis?

Dr. Sharda Ayurveda provides the best and most effective treatment for bladder infection. They provide root cause and specialized Ayurvedic treatment for cystitis which gives long-term recovery and help prevent the reoccurrence of the infection symptoms.

Does an unhealthy diet cause bladder infection to flare up?

The diet plays a pivotal role which ensuring healthy and disease-free living. Therefore, Ayurvedic Treatment for Interstitial Cystitis mainly focuses on adopting healthy diet choices along with herbal medications which aid in effective recovery.

  • Foods that are suggested to be avoided are artificial sweeteners, spicy foods, caffeinated products, and acidic fruits.
  • Foods that are recommended to prevent cystitis must be rich in vitamin C, and calcium.
What can one do to relieve bladder pain symptoms?

Some best and most effective tips are:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Switch to a healthy diet.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitted cloth.
  • Keep yourself physically active.
What measures should be taken to prevent bladder infection reoccurrence?

The preventive measures are:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid holding pee for long.
  • Avoid scented personal hygiene products.
  • Wipe front to back.
Is ginger good to prevent cystitis?

Yes, because ginger possesses antimicrobial properties which act powerfully against bacterial strains. It is Ayurveda's suggested best herb to prevent bladder infection or cystitis.

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