Health Benefits, Uses and Risks of Bibhitaki

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You might have seen that many aged people make use of Bibhitaki on a daily basis. Many Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners also recommend using Bibhitaki for their patients. 
But why?
Have you ever thought deeply about what makes Bibhitaki a prime ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines and treatment? Why has it been used for centuries by our ancestors? What are the Bibhitaki uses in Triphala, its benefits, or side effects? 
Worry not! 
We are always here for you. 

What is Bibhitaki?

The Scientific name of Bibhitaki is “Terminalia bellirica” but in Hindi, it is often known as Baheda. Due to its health wellness properties, and amazing features, it is also considered the antidote of several diseases. Although all the parts of the Bibhitaki tree such as roots, leaves, and oils are used for medicinal properties, its fruit is considered most beneficial for healing. 
The fruits of Bibhitaki are sour (acrid) and stringent (bitter) in taste. Being rich in several potent compounds such as beta-sitosterol, ethyl, gaelic, tannins, and elegiac acids, it boosts the digestive power of the body and also initiates the internal healing process. 

Health benefits of Bibhitaki

Bibhitaki in Ayurveda is admired as the “Jeevanvati” for numerous diseases. It has several anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents that nurture the whole body and aid in elimination of the toxins from the body. It focuses on balancing Tridoshas namely, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Dosha inside the body, the imbalance of which is considered the prime factor responsible for diseases. Below are some significant Bibhitaki Benefits ; 

Bibhitaki benefits for digestion:

Being loaded with significant digestive qualities, Bibhitaki promotes gut health and helps in breaking down the food in the stomach & intestines. It is a natural laxative that provides relief from chronic constipation, piles, gas, bloating, and flatulence. 

Improves respiratory system:

One can also utilize Bibhitaki benefits for respiratory diseases. Embedded with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial features, it opens up respiratory paths and enables smooth breathing. The patient with Asthma, Sinusitis, cold, cough, rhinitis, or laryngitis can take a mixture of Bibhitaki powder and black pepper along with lukewarm water. It will strengthen the lungs and remove excessive mucus, throat soreness, or any other respiratory congestion. 

Treatment of ulcers:

Bibhitaki can be an effective option for treating stomach ulcers. It has several anti-bacterial, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory qualities that significantly reduce the complications related to ulcers.  

Enhances skin health:

Bibhitaki has also proved helpful in enhancing the glory and health of the skin. The oil extracted from Baheda seeds (Bibhitaki) is a rich supplement of astringent and laxative properties. It prevents skin from wrinkles, redness, and acne, thus ensuring reduced skin ageing. 

Promote joint health:

Bibhitaki fruits are a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help patients with arthritis or any other inflammatory disorder. This improves the functioning of three essential body tissues namely; Mamsa Dhatu (Muscle), Rasa Dhatu (Plasma), and Asthi Dhatu (Bone).  

Improves blood sugar levels:

Bibhitaki used in Triphala creates a panacea for diabetic patients as it helps to maintain sugar levels in the body. It also regulates insulin sensitivity which is the prime factor causing discomfort and pain to diabetic patients. 

Strengthens the hair:

It is quite helpful for people who are experiencing hair problems such as dandruff, itching, loss of hair, and folliculitis. Bibhitaki benefits the hair by strengthening them from the roots to the bottom. It provides essential nutrients to the follicles so that hair remains healthy, black, and strong. 

Alleviate the stress:

One of the significant benefits of Bibhitaki is its stress-relieving ability. Studies have shown that it contains several active compounds that act as natural antidepressants. Additionally, it also improves blood flow which co-currently reduces stress, anxiety, hypertension, and panic attacks. 

Traditional uses of Bibhitaki

For centuries, the Bibhitaki plant has been used by our ancestors for healing intentions. No matter whether it is an internal injury, fever, or wound, it is immensely helpful. Additionally, it also helps to pacify 3 primary bodies governing doshas i.e; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Dosha

How to use it?


The best way to use Triphala (Terminalia bellirica) is to mix it with 2 potent herbs namely; Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica) and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). The mixture of these 3 herbs is called Triphala. The use of Bibhitaki in Triphala aids in providing relief from several issues such as indigestion, gas, asthma, nausea, weight loss, stomach ulcers, and acne. 


You can also take Bibhitaki in powder form. To make powder, you just have to dry up the Bibhitaki fruit and then grind it. One spoon of it with lukewarm water, or honey will prominently help you to promote body health & wellness.  


You can also make a paste of Baheda to apply to the affected areas of the skin. For this add a few spoons of virgin coconut oil, or olive oil to Bibhitaki powder. Mix it well to prepare a thick paste. 
You can do a gentle massage with this paste on your skin to get rid of black spots, acne, pimples, or pigmentation. 
Nowadays, the Bibhitaki or Baheda capsules are also available in the market. You can also take them. Just make sure they are chemical-free and natural. 

Precautions & possible side-effects

Although there are no side effects if an ideal dosage of Bibhitaki is taken. But as you know, everything in excess is unpleasant. The excessive use of Bibhitaki (Baheda) can dry up the skin or may contribute to abdominal aches and constipation

Who should avoid Bibhitaki?

Pregnant ladies and breastfeeding lactating women should avoid taking Bibhitaki (Baheda). The excessive consumption of Bibhitaki causes heavy bleeding and uneasiness. It also increases the chance of miscarriage, and complications related to it. 
It is highly recommended to consult a physician, diet expert, or any other medical expert regarding its dosage. You can also contact our Ayurvedic practitioners or expert doctors, who will suggest to you its ideal dosage based on a proper analysis of your medical condition and body Prakriti. 


The mother-earth has already blessed us. Now, it's up to us how we are grabbing these blessings. Try adding herbal remedies and natural ways of getting rid of illnesses and disorders. 
Choose the holistic path of Ayurveda and unleash a healthy, happy, and disease-free life.

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