Why Ayurvedic Treatment for De-Addiction is the best choice?

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A beautiful life awaits everyone. There may be ups and downs, personal crisis, financial issues, or even family problems. But intoxicating your body for coping with stress is just not done! There are various other methods by which you can release your stress and constructively manage your body and mind. So, this blog is going to cover various tips and remedies along with the treatment which is going to help you immensely!

‘Substance Abuse’ means excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and other illegal drugs which harms physical, mental, and social well-being. Even on the packets or bottles of such substances, it is vividly written they are going to kill you and cause you cancer, despite that you people are poisoning yourself?

Let’s go through the journey of self-realization and know the effects, various symptoms, and treatment options by which you can manage the condition on your own with the supervision of an Ayurvedic expert.

Ayurveda deals with natural products and methodology. The ideology behind the treatments exhibited is to identify the root cause of the disorder and then accordingly plan the treatment in a personalized way because everyone is different and their situation is different.

 All the Doshas that are Vata Dosha, Pitta Dosha, and Kapha Dosha are imbalanced and they can hasten you towards death.

Although the whole body is affected pancreas and liver are severely affected by the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. People may undergo one or more listed conditions due to high dosage.

  • Poor eating habits: Under the influence of such substances, people tend to make poor decisions so either they eat junk food or there occurs a loss in appetite.
  • Low blood sugar: Due to lack of nutrients, the person may experience low levels of sugar in the blood.
  • Organ damage: Some of the drugs are so harmful they may directly damage the internal organs.

The stages of addiction are as follows:

  • Acute addiction
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Dependent stage
  • Abuse/alcoholism

Ayurveda For Substance Abuse Treatment (Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking)

Panchakarma Therapy for the de-addiction treatment

This holistic treatment detoxifies the body by removing impurities from it.

  • Virechana: It cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and purifies the blood. The decontamination of the spleen, stomach, liver, kidneys, colon, intestines, and sweat glands is performed through herbs and laxatives.
  • Rasayana: This therapy is useful in treating substance abuse and addiction. It increases the body’s natural metabolic processes and also improves the mental health of the affected individual.

Ayurvedic Herbs For Healing The Addiction

Inclusion of natural herbs which helps in freeing yourself from the addiction are:

Turmeric: It is an anti-cancer drug that boosts immunity. Also, it strengthens the lung and heart.

Basil: It is an amazing herb that helps in reducing respiratory infections, lung congestion. Consumption of 2-3 leaves per day would not only keep the mouth fresh but at the same time reduce the risk of lung infection.

Ginger: The urge can be controlled by chewing dry ginger. It will manage the symptoms of the addiction due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Ashwagandha: This herb helps in strengthening and increasing the immunity of the person.

Triphala: Usually the side effect of addiction is constipation. So, Triphala consumption will help it. Also, as it is rich in antioxidants, it boosts immunity by clearing out toxins from the body.

Cinnamon and cardamom seeds: To fight the urge, either suck on the stick or chew the seeds.

Take raw ajwain: The addiction can be controlled by keeping ajwain seeds in the mouth. It helps in the removal of impurities present in the body by flushing them out.

Herbal Tea: Sip herbal tea as due to the anti-inflammation properties it will relieve you from the desire to smoke.

Ginseng: Intake of this herb will reduce cravings and also stabilize emotional and physical stress.

Fennel Seeds: Chewing fennel seeds will help you fight the urge to use such substances. Do this 3-4 times a day to see the results!

Diet: How Does Substance Abuse Disrupt Nutrition?

All these substances lead to nutritional deficiencies. Hence, the functions of the body are compromised. It is of utmost importance to maintain the diet to help the body to optimally function.

What Should You Eat?

To release from the grip of these substances, proper food intake should be the primary focus. Different food sources which can adequately nourish the body and can reduce the cravings for drugs or alcohol are:

Banana and more sources of Potassium: Individuals who are in the habit of abusing the substances have low potassium and magnesium.

During the early months of recovery, one might have an unhealthy sleeping schedule. To have sound sleep eat a banana as it regulates the levels of serotonin. Along with bananas, one can eat kiwis, cantaloupes, papaya, oranges, tomatoes, spinach, and avocados which will double their recovery.

Berries: As these contain antioxidants boosting immunity and extracting toxins from the body, blueberries play a crucial role in the prevention and reduction of cellular damage.

Fresh fruits: Fruits like papayas, strawberries, pineapple, and orange are rich in Vitamin –C so load them up and enrich yourself with various minerals, vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients.

Vegetables: Following a proper diet can restore the nutrition levels of the body. Leafy vegetables, broccoli, spinach, kale, lettuce, and other green salads rejuvenate the body. These vegetables also help in maintaining hair and skin health.

Whole grains: They can make you feel fuller for a longer duration of time and also help in the recovery of the digestive system. Start adding whole-grain versions of food in your diet instead of white flour counterparts.

Yogurt: To build a healthy microbiome in your gut, consume probiotics like yogurt, curd, and buttermilk which is essential for increasing your body’s absorption of nutrients.

Complex carbohydrates: They contain fiber which aids in digestion and boosts energy. From rice to beans to potatoes fulfill the needs of your body through them!

Protein: Proteins are broken down into amino acids which are used in the repairing of cells. Lentils, soy, black beans should be eaten to supply yourself with the required amount of protein.

Dairy products: Moderate amount of milk, cheese, butter must be included in the diet plan. As they not only enrich you with calcium but also the other essential vitamins and minerals.  

Hydration: Majorly our body constitutes water, and excessive consumption of alcohol leads to dehydration. Along with water, try electrolytes and coconut water. Take a straw and start sipping them!

Lemon juice: Mixing lemon juice in water with a pinch of salt will act as a wonderful detoxifier. Have it on an empty stomach.

Yoga is your savior for substance abuse treatment

You should be familiar with the best yoga poses to utilize the benefits of Yoga.

  • Reduction in the cravings: The thwarting cravings can be minimized with the help of Yoga as it calms down the mind. Also, the levels of dopamine are induced.
  • Boost Focus: The concentration is improved and awareness is emphasized regarding the thoughts and feelings.
  • Insomnia is conquered: Yoga enhances sleep and as it soothes the nerves. For sound and happy sleep it is the best activity.
  • Stimulation in the prefrontal cortex: This part of the brain is responsible for self-control, and due to substance abuse it is highly compromised. Regular yoga develops this area.

Some of the asanas which can be performed to deal with the symptoms and help in substance abuse treatment are:

  • Adho mukha svanasana (The downward-facing dog): This pose is an excellent stress-relieving pose. It helps with physical and mental tension.
  • Shavasana (The yoga corpse pose): In this pose, you have to just lie down in silence just like the corpse. This pose gives enough time to self-introspect and discover one’s identity and the problems.
  • Anjaneyasana (The yoga low lunge pose): The lunges in this asana stretch the groin and hip region.
  • Badhakonasana (The Butterfly Pose): It is the best pose for drug addiction treatment as this pose relaxes the mind and clears the negativity out of the mind.
  • Paschimottanasana (Seated-forward Bend Pose): The hamstrings, lower back, and spine are strengthened in a great way with the help of this pose. This pose brings peace and calmness to the affected individual.
  • Seated Tadasana (The Sitting Mountain Pose): It is a simple pose yet it has exceedingly shown effective results in substance abuse treatment.
  • Neti Kriya: It maintains nasal hygiene by removing the dirt and bacterial mucus with saline solution.
  • Pranayama: Bhastrika Pranayama, Nadi shuddhi Pranayama helps in increasing the lung capacity. Practicing these soothing exercises will help in better lung absorption. So, start adding these practices to your daily routine and help yourself!

Further meditation along with a few breathing exercises will also aid in the de-addiction therapies.

Lifestyle changes for finding relief from substance abuse

For someone who has just decided to give up on their pleasure, it is going to be very difficult for them to embrace these changes. But you have to do this for the sake of your health and family. Slight changes will help you to be on the right path and in a matter of time; you are going to see the results on your own. If you have come this far then it’s just a few more points!

  • Socializing: Being alone will make you sad, as you already have thought so many times about quitting alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. Sit with your family; hang out with your friends to let your feelings out and to get mental support.
  • Work-out, Zumba, or Dance routine: Physical activity increases your productivity two-folds and also elevates your mood. So sweat it out and dance it out!
  • Be a busy bee: Make yourself occupied and busy as being involved in something will have no time for you to over think.
  • Massage: Massaging will put an end to your worries as your mind will be relaxed.

Substances like alcohol, drugs, smoking tobacco not only affect the individual but the family also suffers. One must have strong will and determination for the recovery to take place. So, take a pledge along with the drug de-addiction treatment and adopt the above-listed remedies and tips to make your life easy and tension free!

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