Best Ways to Stop Smoking with Ayurvedic Treatment

Smoking is injurious to health!! Yet the population smokes, which turns into addiction. With the effect of smoking, deaths and several life-threatening diseases are continuously increasing. Even after knowing the consequences of smoking which lead to such situations, people do this as per their own choices. Today, smokers are at high risk.

A cigarette stick contains tobacco, chemical additives, and harmful toxins. It can cause organ failure, cancer, and sometimes death eventually. Today, this addiction takes the lives of almost 8 million people each year of which 1.3 million are non-smokers, who get exposed to smoking.

-Says WHO

A factor apart from people that gets adversely affected is the environment. The non-smokers who live near the smokers are exposed to smoke. They invite several health problems for themselves. Willingly or unwillingly smokers are harming their families, friends, and nature. 

Do you know?

20 minutes of smoke reduces photosynthesis in plants by up to 50%. So, one can easily imagine “How dangerous it is?”

This article will explain the consequences and the best Ayurvedic ways to quit smoking. Also, you will come across the Ayurvedic treatment at Dr. Sharda Ayurveda for De-addiction to smoking.    

Why is Smoking Injurious to Health?

 “Your urge for a smoking cigarette may be temporary but damage to lungs is permanent”

Smoking is harmful and affects almost every organ. Smoking is also addictive as nicotine is present in it and this causes relaxation in the brain. People mistake it as a stress reducer or aid to any other mental disorder, turning it habitual. A single stick of cigarette is made up of almost 600 substances. Puffing a cigarette stick produces 7000 chemicals out of which 69 are cancer-causing with the rest being toxic. 

Why is smoking harmful?

Starting from the lungs it badly affects every organ such as the brain, heart, liver, etc. The following are the risks of smoking:

  • Brain strokes, brain damage
  • Mouth- Gum disease, yellow teeth, bad breath
  • Heart disease- heart attack, blockages, stroke
  • Weak bones- Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Weak immune system
  • Diabetes
  • Lung diseases- asthma, tuberculosis, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, etc.
  • Reproduction- low sperm count, premature birth, pregnancy loss.
  • Skin- wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dry, coarse skin

    Apart from these diseases, smoking can cause several cancers in the human body:

    • Lung cancer
    • Mouth cancer
    • Kidney failure
    • Stomach cancer
    • Pancreas cancer
    • Liver cancer
    • Bladder issues, etc.

      Adopt these Ways to Stop Smoking  

      The foremost thing to consider, when quitting smoking, is WILL. To do this, there is a nature-based method, i.e. Ayurveda. It is not only easy and approachable, but also a safe option. With no side effects, it is also responsible for boosting immunity and health. There are some best ways to stop smoking- 


        Mother Nature has gifted us everything. So, many herbs from the environment can be used to give up smoking. Once an individual starts consuming it, he can easily get relief. But we advise every individual to consult an expert before using it.

        They are:

        1. Kapikacchu- This herb will help to stop the craving and increase energy and stamina.
        2. Ashwagandha- To decrease the levels of stress and anxiety and improve cardiovascular health this herb can be used. It also improves memory.
        3. Yashtimadhu- With amazing properties to treat lung functions and oral health, this herb is highly recommended to quit cigarettes. Moreover, it is used in managing weight and digestion.
        4. Tulsi- This herb is used in almost every household. It has the power to improve allergies, boost immunity, and purify blood. 
        5. Haridra- An antioxidant herb that reduces the inflammation in the lungs and is very effective in lung diseases. 


        Proper intake of nutrients is compulsory to energize the overall body functions. To begin de-smoking one has to include nutrients in their diet. Healthy food items such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can be consumed over processed, and junk food. For snack cravings whole fruit, carrot or celery sticks, and nuts should be taken. 


        The way of living depicts our health. A sedentary lifestyle brings a lot of problems and anxiety, depression is one of them. This makes the individual addicted to the wrong habits such as the consumption of smoking, alcohol, or drugs. To give up smoking, an active lifestyle is to be practiced such as exercising, having an adequate amount of water, avoiding drinks like coffee and alcohol, etc.


        Physical moments are important to avoid health issues. Including exercise in your daily routine is one of the easiest ways to stop smoking. In the journey of quitting cigarettes, exercises like yoga, walking, or sports will be beneficial. One can perform routine yoga asana, and go to the gym or playground. It will keep the body energetic, avoid mood swings, and improve overall organ health. 

        Ayurvedic treatment for de-addiction of Smoking at Dr. Sharda Ayurveda

        There are many ways to treat the addiction to smoking. People use different modern medicines to quit smoking. One of the best and risk-free treatments for addiction to smoking is Ayurveda. It helps to decrease the addiction with natural ingredients like herbs. Dr. Sharda Ayurveda Hospital provides personalized treatment for patients who want to quit smoking. The procedure followed here while giving ayurvedic treatment for quitting smoking is as under:

        1. Analyzing the medical history of the patient. It includes the mental and physical analysis of the patient and undergoing other tests if needed. 
        2. They also consider the triggers that insist on smoking and monitoring the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas
        3. According to the existing profile of the patient, the doctors give medicines. Also, a personalized diet chart is given to speed up the recovery process.
        4. The doctors also suggest breathing exercises and other yoga asanas to perform and recover the health. It boosts the patient's immunity and initiates quitting smoking.

        So, if someone is also looking for any treatment of this kind, they can visit the hospital, Dr. Sharda Ayurveda or book an appointment by calling the helpline number.

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