How to cure low sperm count with the help of Ayurvedic treatment

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Does having a low sperm count can be the major reason for infertility in men? Yes, do not believe it! But various studies prove that 90% of infertility in men are due to poor sperm quality and quantity.

Oligospermia is simply defined as a male infertility issue that is associated with low sperm count i.e., lesser in quantity. Earlier the problem was not so common and couples easily conceive without the risk of complications.

This is because decades before people were living a lifestyle and adopting a diet that was healthy and fruitful. But today majority of males have to go for oligospermia treatment for recovery and to restore their healthy sexual functioning.

Studying the effectiveness of treatment than natural treatment for infertility rather precisely called Ayurvedic treatment for oligospermia emerged as one of the reliable and trusted solutions to overcome male infertility which mainly aims to cure the disorder through its underlying cause by prescribing herbal medications that help heal naturally. 

What are the principal/ chief reasons for oligospermia?

The sperm quantity can vary in each ejaculation and thereby healthy maintenance is necessary for improved fertility. Ayurveda states that oligospermia disease occurs mainly as the outcome of imbalanced Vata and Pitta Dosha, therefore, balancing these two is the motive of Ayurvedic treatment.  

The Major Causes of Low Sperm Count

  1. Age 
  2. Obesity 
  3. Alcohol consumption 
  4. Stress 
  5. Scrotal overheats
  6. Undescended testicles
  7. Injury 
  8. Obstruction in tube carrying the sperm 

The Symptoms That May Indicate Low Sperm Count

  1. Reduced body hair
  2. Swelling around the testicles 
  3. Swollen veins in the scrotum 
  4. Thick discharge
  5. Burning sensation while urinating 

How diet and lifestyle can be associated with male infertility?

Reports suggest that 50-55% of infertility cases are recorded by male. The high-fat diet has affected the structure and functioning of sperm (spermatozoa) that significantly hampers the development of offspring and also their health in later stages of life. The disease called hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis shots up the levels of the hormone estrogen and decreases testosterone, luteinizing, and follicle-stimulating hormone levels. Also, the environmental, occupational, and modifiable lifestyle factors adoption has marked a decline in male sexual health related to low sperm

Quality and quantity.

Therefore oligospermia treatment emphasizes following a healthy diet and lifestyle regime which improves better sperm quality, increases sperm count, and boosts mobility. 

The Ayurvedic treatment increases sperm count naturally! For this Dr. Sharda Ayurveda experts elaborate on the procedures and additionally recommended tips which if followed religiously provide long-term results. 

Panchakarma Therapy For Oligospermia

It inherits the principles of nature that help maintain a person’s health and enhances longevity. It keeps the body, mind, and spirit in maintained equilibrium that accounts for improved health. The Panchakarma therapy, an age-old and initial step of Ayurvedic treatment focuses on balancing the aggravated dominating energies of the body. These various steps are stated below. 

  • Vajikarana therapy (revitalize the body elements)

This improves sperm motility, increases its count, boosts endurance, retards the aging process, and thereby nourishes the overall male reproductive system. 

  • Basti (herbal decoction with medicated oil)
  • Shodhana (detoxification therapy) 
  • Chikitsa (cleansing therapy)

Herbs That Naturally Increase Sperm Count

The issue of male infertility that is mainly associated with the low sperm count can effectively be treated by incorporating natural herbs into the diet. These are the basis of Ayurvedic medicines that heals the person both internally and externally. The best of the best herbs and how they are effective are described below. 

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

An excellent herb that increase sperm quantity, improves motility, and vitality. The herb is native to India and is the basic part of traditional medicine because of its numerous health benefits. It essentially lowers stress levels, increases testosterone levels, and provides better sex drive and endurance.

 Shilajit (Asphaltum punjabianum)

The herb is recognized for the marvelous benefits it provides specifically for improved sexual drive. This herb helps boost sperm production, improves mobility, and stimulates the ovulation process thus enhancing male fertility. 

Longjack/Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia)

The shrub which is mostly found along the slopes in hilly terrains which reports suggest is fundamentally beneficial if taken under the proper medical supervision. The roots are well used up in the traditional medicines that enhance fertility and additionally resolve other sexual disorders. 

Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum)

It is widely used as a great aphrodisiac agent as it possesses spermatogenic properties. The herb naturally increases the sperm count and consider as the best testosterone level booster. 

Diet for Oligospermia / Low Sperm Count

Diet plays a pivotal role that essentially accounts for good health if you are maintaining it in the right way. For a better sexual life, Ayurveda emphasizes having a nutritious diet along with taking the necessary medications required. Some of the best foods add-ons that will surely improve the quality and quantity of sperms that help overcome the issue of male infertility are:


These all are vitamin C, and B6 rich and additional contain the antioxidants that naturally increase the sperm count and motility. Examples - bananas, pomegranates, avocados, guava, and blueberries.


The vegetables which are known for possessing high vitamins, antioxidants rich and contain essential nutrients and minerals that will improve health are spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, and sprouts.

Note: Must include cow's ghee in daily diet to effectively overcome the issue of infertility.

The items that need to be subtracted from the diet are:

Fried food, processed and trans fat, and caffeine-based products. 

Lifestyle Modification for Oligospermia 

Many researchers believe that the issue of male infertility has increased in the past few decades. This is most probably associated with the following sedentary lifestyle as per Ayurveda. But worry not as with adopting these listed suggestions in daily life one can lead a healthy life. 

  • Exercise daily
  • Manage the psychological stress as it can lead to a reduction in testosterone hormone levels.
  • Control your body weight. 
  • Have a good nutritious diet. 
  • Completely cut off on alcohol and smoking.

Yoga for Oligospermia 

The problem of low sperm account is mostly linked with mental instability i.e., depression and anxiety. For this, the most underrated tip that assures to provide positive results is yoga and meditation. 

How does yoga help combat male infertility and relax mental state?

  • Improves blood circulation 
  • Enhances mood
  • Reduces stress

With regular practicing of yoga along with taking proper Ayurvedic treatment, one can overcome all the male infertility issues naturally. 

Agnisar Kriya

One of the oldest and most effective poses that have shown beneficial results in increasing the sperm count. 


  • Stand straight with the legs slightly apart. 
  • Keep the palms on the knees and bend in the forward direction.
  • Pull your stomach and exhale steadily. 
  • Hold your breath for 5 seconds. 
  • Relax the body. 
  • Repeat this procedure 5-10 times daily. 

Surya Namaskar

Surya namaskar

The combination of 12 powerful yoga poses that help strengthens muscles, improves blood circulation and increases body flexibility. 


The basic planks pose that tones the abdominal muscles and help reduce belly fat. It has shown positive results in resolving the infertility issues.

kumbhak-asana | oligospermia


*Lie down straight with support of stomach. 

*Place the palms near the chest. 

*Push yourself up and balance the weight on your palms and toes. 

*Stay in the position for at least a minute. 

*Practice this 4-5 times daily for best results. 


The pose benefits overall health and specifically improves the motility of the sperms. 

halasana | oligospermia


*Lay flat on your back. 

*Place the palms on the floor. 

*Raise the legs forming a right angle. 

*Breath in and out thrice lifts your hips then touch your toes on the ground above your head. 

*Stay in the position for 10-12 seconds. 

*Then relax the body. 

*Repeat the asana 2-3 times. 


The best method that helps eliminates stress and stabilizes the mind.

pranayama-asana | oligospermia

*Sit in lotus pose with back straight. 

*Close the right nostril with your right thumb. 

*Breathe through the left nostrils. 

*Then, using the ring finger of the right hand, close the left nostril and hold the breath for 3-4 seconds. 

*Release the thumb from the right nostril and breathe. 

*Repeat the same steps 5-8 times a day. 


Ayurveda for treating male sexual disorders is considered the best treatment approach. The holistic method provides many benefits like balancing the debility, and provides strength to muscles and bones. This whole assures to provide long term and positive results.

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