Want to be a parent but are unable to conceive? Adopt Ayurveda to solve your infertility issues

By Dr Mukesh Sharda In Gynae

Being a parent is a wonderful feeling. It’s the most joyous moment of life. Some people are unable to conceive and even if they have been trying for so many years, yet they are unable to feel that happiness of being a parent.

Has years of trying and consulting various doctors and eating multiple medications led you to a complete failure and you don’t know what to do or where to go? Is it your rock bottom and you feel hopeless? Is there a constant pain and guilt which doesn’t go away and you desperately want to be a parent?

You want to hold your baby in your arms and feel the joy! You want someone to call you mummy or papa! Then this blog is solely for you! Now, you can relax and just give us your trust and we will not break it.

Ayurvedic infertility treatment is the best as you may have tried synthetic methods and they have only given you frustration and sadness whereas this science involves the naturally assisted treatment methodology which involves natural herbs, changes in diet and lifestyle, and adoption of Yoga/meditation.

The reason can be any it can be you or your partner, or it can be both. There is no blame game over here because it’s the effort from both sides. So don’t leave your partner or accuse them, be each other’s support system and rely on each other. With the customizable treatment provided by us, you both will be able to conceive and the lost spark between both of you will return!

So, coming back to the topic of infertility, it is a serious condition and not a taboo that shouldn’t be discussed. This blog will share with you the knowledge of treating male and female infertility naturally. Also, you will need the assistance of an expert to fully take advantage of the treatment.


It is defined as a stage where even after an unprotected physical relationship for one year a couple is unable to conceive and become a parent. The reason can be any. Let’s read further to know more about it!

Male Infertility

When a male is unable to start a pregnancy procedure with a female due to any problem in the reproductive system, it is referred to as male infertility. There may be several factors that make the man infertile.

Causes of infertility in men

Below written are the causes of infertility that comes in the path of a person to be a father. 

  • Congenital Abnormalities: The defects that are present during birth are called congenital defects. Some of the abnormalities present inside the gametes result in structural and developmental malformations of the reproductive system.
  • Diseases of sperms: The diseases related to sperm can be due to various factors:
  • Diet: Diet plays an important role. In the case of infertility, certain foods that are dry, bitter, salty, or acidic when eaten in excess habitually result in seminal morbidity. 
  • Behavior: Absolute abstinence from sex, suppression of natural urge, exertion of the body in excess, sexual abuse, or repressing sexual union with the unresponsive partner.
  • Sleeping schedule: If there is an improper sleeping schedule, late night sleeping regularly, or not sleeping in an adequate amount will cause the quality and quantity of sperms to degrade.
  • Psychological: Our mind impacts the functioning of the whole body, anxiety, sadness, depression, fear and other negative emotions can also be responsible for sperm morbidity.
  • Sexual dysfunctions: When the person is old, is suffering from serious diseases, or has overindulgence in sexual activities then also infertility occurs.

Ayurvedic treatment for male infertility

Natural Herbs for male infertility

  1. Ashwagandha: The intake of Ashwagandha helps to improve sperm health. The sperm’s motility, quality, and quantity are boosted. Additionally, it is known to reduce stress. 
  2. Shilajit: The consumption of Shilajit helps the sperm to maintain its mobility. 
  3. Maca root: It is known to enhance male fertility and libido. The root of the plant is dried and consumed in the powdered form.

Female Infertility

When the female is unable to conceive due to the improper functioning of the reproductive system, the woman is considered infertile. There are several reasons for women to not conceive a baby. 

Causes of infertility in women

  1. Hormonal imbalance: Women face changes in their hormones throughout their lifespan and on the monthly basis. If the menstruation cycle is improper, then this can be a reason for a woman to be infertile. 
  2. Environmental factors: The environment impacts the body, mind, and soul. So if you are not having a proper diet, sleep, or active routine, it is going to take a toll on the body. Also, if you are mentally unhappy, stressed out, and have negative thoughts you are likely to get affected.
  3. Reproductive abnormalities: Few of the defects may be present in the case of females, which may hinder the process of conception of a child. If there is a blocked fallopian tube, uterine fibroids, or defect in the cervical canal, then it becomes difficult for women to be pregnant.

Ayurvedic treatment for female infertility

Natural Herbs for female infertility

  1. Shatavari: By acting as a reproductive tonic, it increases fertility and vitality. It helps to reduce stress and balance the imbalanced hormones. 
  2. Agnus castus: It helps in the proper regulation of the menstrual cycle. All those hormones that are imbalanced come in the optimal range after their intake. 
  3. Cinnamon: It helps to curb the cysts in the ovary and at the same time it also helps in boosting fertility.

The other factors that will help the couple to conceive are common. A healthy diet, lifestyle modifications, and Yoga/Meditation will do the rest of the work.

Dietary Changes for the Infertile Couples

  1. Add fresh fruits to the diet. They contain an abundance of nutritional content like vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water content which keeps the body healthy. 
  2. Green leafy vegetables are a must. Include all those green leafy veggies as they are going to provide you with so many nutrients.
  3. Fresh fruits/vegetable juices must be added to the daily diet. Drink a glass of juice every day as it will heal the body internally and will give you a good face glow. 
  4. Keep the body well hydrated. Drink water in large quantities. You can add mint leaves, tulsi leaves, ginger, lemon, or cucumbers to the water to add the taste in water. You can also drink coconut water or coconut milk.
  5. Do not eat processed foods, canned foods, or foods that contain a lot of spices. 
  6. Foods rich in saturated fats and oily/sticky foods should be avoided. 
  7. Excess of processed salt and sugar should be avoided.
  8. Carbonated drinks and caffeine intake should be avoided. 
  9. Avoid excess dairy products and milk products.

 Lifestyle modifications for the Infertile Couples

  1. Maintain a healthy weight: If you are overweight, then you need to lose those extra kilos to maintain a body weight that lies in an optimum range of body mass index. 
  2. Exercise routine: Follow an exercise routine that will help you to lose weight, keep you fit, and at the same time will help in the proper circulation of oxygen in the blood. So follow, a workout routine, even if it is a mild workout go for it!
  3. Walk: If you cannot plan a workout routine, go for morning or evening walks. Mild jogging will also help the muscles to gain oxygen. 
  4. Sleep: Your sleep decides your health. So, make sure you get enough sleep, which will enhance your lifestyle and health. Also, avoid mid-day naps. 
  5. Substance abuse: Alcohol, smoking, tobacco, and drugs all of these can be a great coping mechanism, but all these will impact your health and will decrease the chances of you being a parent to a beautiful child.

Yoga and Meditation for the Infertile Couples

Stress is the major factor that triggers the condition. To manage stress and relieve the tension present inside the body, one can perform yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises as they help to curb the stress and negative attitude.

At the same time, it also helps to keep the frustration, grief, and anger at bay. So, these poses must be practiced as they are more than stretches and flexes.

Bhujangasana, Balasana, Badhakonasana, Paschimottanasana, Kapalbhati Pranayama are some of the asanas that can be practiced to find the relief from tensions and stress.

At the same time, meditation can also be taken into consideration as it helps in the rejuvenation of the body, mind, and soul. Just five or ten minutes of meditation will help in keeping the stress and tensions away from the body and mind. To know more about meditation and its technique you can also check our blog Suffering from depression? Let meditation rescue you!.

Don’t worry as with Ayurveda and treatment provided at Dr. Sharda Ayurvdeda will help you beneficially and you will notice successful results. With the supervision of our doctors being a parent will not just be your dream!

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